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Clayton Team | 03 Mar 2023
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Looking for a glazing supplier? Why not choose one of the UK’s favourite, longest-serving and most trusted glass manufacturers: Clayton Glass.

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Here at Clayton Glass, we supply glass units for residential windows, doors and roofs; for all sorts of applications from contemporary and modern, to classic and traditional.

We provide standard glass units, high-spec units, decorative glass units, composite door glass units, specialist units, toughened units, laminated units and more. And we do it all with the special Clayton blend of dedicated service, unique digital offering and industry-leading expertise…

Why Choose Clayton Glass Over Other Glass Manufacturers?

Our approach is what separates us from other glass manufacturers. Something we like to call “The Clayton Difference“.

Since being founded in 1956, Clayton Glass have grown steadily to become one of the largest glass manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

In that time, we have gained experience and knowledge in all areas of glass and glazing, making us best placed in the modern day to offer expertise, guidance and help to our large and loyal customer base.

A quote from Managing Director, Ryan Green, he says: My aim for Clayton Glass is to be more than just a supplier to you, we look to put you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do, over time I hope my team will gain your trust and loyalty, by offering a first class service and wider support to your business than simply supplying units on time.

The Clayton Difference is a two-fold ethos. Firstly, it is the benefit of dealing with a company with the scale and capabilities of one of the UK’s largest glass manufacturers. But secondly, and just as importantly, it is the friendly, personable approach of our teams all across our six sites, to provide dedicated and attentive service to each and every customer. Much like that of a smaller, family-run business.

We take our customer relationships very seriously, and will do as much as we can to ensure a long and fruitful partnership.

An image of our friendly customer service teams in Scotland, Huthwaite and Harelaw!
Our kind and knowledgeable customer service teams across the UK are ready to help in any way they can. We like to think we are the friendliest glass manufacturers in our industry!

As well as this, we have Owner and Director involvement in all the day-to-day nitty gritty activities. We have four committed customer service teams serving different parts of the country, with over 250 years of glass industry experience between them. Meanwhile, we have a six-strong nationwide sales team providing support and in-depth technical advice.

All these things serve to make us one of the UK’s largest and most trusted glass manufacturers. You can get to know the Clayton Glass staff via our Meet the Team page. Or you can also head over to our Contact Page to find our how you can get in touch.

An image emphasising Clayton Glass' nationwide coverage, showing our six sites in Harelaw, North Shields, Scotland, Huthwaite, Blackburn and Canterbury.

Products and Services Tailored To You

Unlike other glass manufacturers, we have a bespoke product range. This means that customers can design their units down to very specific details.

Not to mention, we also exclusively supply three of the UK’s most sought after fenestration brands. These are: high-performance roof products SMARTGLASS and Celsius Glass, as well as the sustainable window unit EcoMAX. Find out more about EcoMAX over on the EcoMAX website.

A quote from Commercial Director, Jason McCabe, reading: Clayton Glass customers have access to our bespoke and tailored product offering, featuring a range of glass types for all glazing applications. They will also receive exclusive access to our digital services, including GlassTrack; our industry-first glass-order-tracking software.

One of the main benefits of choosing Clayton Glass over other glass manufacturers, is the availability of our industry-first glass order tracking service GlassTrack.

To expand, GlassTrack is a platform exclusive to Clayton Glass customers. Where they can view all their order information, including delivery dates, stillage locations, lead times, unit sizes, order numbers and more. Whilst also allowing users to view detailed analytics data and submit remake requests. Clayton Glass customers can register for GlassTrack and use the service from our secure and reliable platform.

An ad for GlassTrack, a service not offered by other glass manufacturers - once you track, you'll never go back!
GlassTrack: An online service for Clayton Glass customers to track their glass orders from a secure, reliable platform. GlassTrack allows users to view detailed order information, submit remake requests and plan future orders.

We also have the Technical Hub, an area of the our website that acts as your one stop shop for all things glass advice.

Over the years we’ve learned what our customers want to know and the questions we’re asked most often. You’ll find an overview of these key questions in this section. As well as downloadable content including, but not limited to, product guidance, technical advice, and more.

The Clayton Glass Technical Hub contains the collective knowledge of the Clayton team. Pictured is a Clayton Glass employee posing with some glass.
The Clayton Glass Technical hub contains a wealth of information and downloadable content geared towards the questions our customers ask most often. The information stored here has been collected from our commercial and operations teams, with hundreds of years of glass experience between them!

The Technical Hub also contains a complete glossary of fenestration phraseology. Thus making it easy for you to brush up on your key industry terms.

One of the UK’s most Distinguished Glass Manufacturers

Not only are we one of the UK’s largest and friendliest glass manufacturers, we also have a number of awards in the trophy cabinet. Since it’s inauguration, we have been awarded the prestigious “IGU Manufacturer of the Year” award by the national fenestration awards on five separate occasions. In 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020 and 2022. What makes this award so special is that it’s entirely voted for by people within the glass industry!

Ryan Green talks up awards for glass manufacturers! Quote: Although not our main focus, I am proud when our organisation gets put forward for awards. It's fantastic that our staff are recognised externally by the industry for their hard work and dedication. (Ryan Green, Managing Director)

We also have all the industry and government accreditations required by glass manufacturers for residential glazing applications.

It’s All About Partnership

Finally, we’d just like to emphasise that at Clayton Glass, more than other glass manufacturers, we are all about promoting a long-standing two-way, mutually beneficial partnership between our two companies.

We hope to be more than just a supplier of glass to you. And will offer digital services and access to information that makes the glass ordering process easy.

If you would like to enquire and have an initial conversation about becoming a Clayton Glass customer, please click the button below and fill in the form, we look forward to hearing from you!

If you’d like to enquire and have an initial discussion about becoming a Clayton Glass customer, please click HERE

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