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At Clayton Glass, we’ve been creating and assembling insulating glass units (IGUs) for over four decades. During that time, we’ve developed our glass unit offering to cover a number of key performance factors, including thermal efficiency and impact resistance.

Our units are put together with care and precision, housing the latest that glazing technology has to offer, and assembled by a combination of skilled hands and intelligent machinery. This means that we can create bespoke glass units to suit your needs.

This bespoke nature means we can create units with a range of different shapes and sizes, suitable for various applications of glass, such as windows, doors, roofs and side frames.

All our units meet the industry standard and are document K compliant.

However, different IGU solutions require different areas of performance. For instance, window units are often designed to allow in as much heat as possible to minimise the need for the use of central heating. Whereas larger applications with more glass, like conservatory roofs require units that reflect some of this heat to avoid overheating.

With four decades of glazing expertise under our belts, we are able to offer considered solutions that meet your needs and get the most out of the application you’re constructing, whatever that application may be.

“At Clayton Glass, we have always positioned ourselves at the forefront of modern glazing technology. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and processes. Many years of this has led to the high-spec insulated glass units & double-glazed units of today.”

Ryan Green
Managing Director

Bespoke to meet your needs

Our insulated glass & double glazed units are completely customisable to meet your needs. Your bespoke IGU glass options include: size, cavity width, spacer bar, plus a choice of triple glazing.

Argon-filled for warmth

Our insulated glass units come with Argon fill as standard. Our units are made to retain this Argon also, so your windows insulating properties last for an impressive length of time.

Sound-reduction technology

All of our insulated glass units are sound-reducing to some degree, get in touch now to find out how we can maximise the sound-reduction qualities of your units to help drown out the outside.

Environmentally conscious

Insulating properties superior to alternative glazing and IGU solutions, lead to energy savings: a reduction in your carbon footprint, compared to lower-spec glazing and IGU solutions.

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