Glazing Applications

From elegant lanterns and skylights to stunning bifolds and windows, our high performing products create the sophisticated and contemporary solution you’re looking for. Combining heat reflection and thermal insulation with noise reducing properties, they can provide energy efficient comfort all-year-round.


A conservatory or orangery is a quick, inexpensive way to add flexible living space and value. Conservatories are especially popular in the warmer months, whereas orangeries feature large windows set between insulating brick piers, for enjoyment in every season.

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To get the most out of your conservatory you need to make sure you’ve got the optimal glass in your conservatory roof. You need a glass that allows your conservatory to be a room that can be used all year round, preventing overheating in the summer and extreme low temperatures in the winter. To achieve this, we recommend a glass with low solar gain and U-value statistics, coupled with acoustic capabilities to reduce noise pollution.

A modern-looking conservatory comprised of glass walls and roof.
A pair of parallel skylights looking into a sitting room containing two beige chairs, a table and a wireless radio.

and flat roofs

Skylights’ frameless design makes for a bright, airy space, due to their generous natural light entry. They also come in the form of a flat roof— a single glass unit panel fitted into the ceiling. Both flat roofs and skylights are extremely energy efficient with the right glass.

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Skylights are a classic yet contemporary choice. They don’t take up much space, so can dramatically improve light entry throughout the home. We’d suggest a glass with solid insulation and solar gain statistics, perhaps with added sound reduction.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are the epitome of contemporary living and aspirational glazing. They’re top hung, offering a smooth sliding action that’s easier to open and close than conventional doors. They can tuck away nicely, either inside or outside, saving valuable space.

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Install bifold doors for the smooth opening action, and an instant way to combine the great outdoors with the great indoors. Choose one of our high-performance bifold glasses to help create a space that looks and feels good, with a high level of insulation and heat reflection.

A bifold door set.
A lantern roof.

Lantern roofs

Lantern roofs are perfect if you want to maximise daylight, with a multifaceted design capturing it from all directions. Fitting modern extensions with a lantern roof offers many benefits, including a timeless aesthetic and more natural light for enhanced well‐being.

Expert Advice

The best lantern roof glass is one that performs, not only in terms of insulation, but also in solar gain. It is common to see a roof application that overheats in the summertime. Choose glass with a low solar gain that keeps the heat out and stays cool in summer.


Our market-leading insulated glass and double-glazed units are completely customisable. Equipped with sound-reducing technology, thermal performance and Argon fill as standard, IGU glass options include size, cavity width and spacer bar, as well as triple glazing.

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In your windows it’s important to have glass that can perform in a number of key areas. Firstly, your windows need to be long-lasting and impact resistant, for this we recommend a toughened unit. Secondly, your windows need to be thermally efficient, for this we’d recommend the addition of a low E coating, meaning your window is better able to reflect heat back into your home.

A modern-looking window.
A composite door featuring some decorative glass.


Decorated, patterned, multi-coloured glass panels of all shapes and sizes, designed specifically for doors. Expertly crafted, our highly durable and stylish composite door glass is customisable for both internal and external applications without any loss in quality.

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In doors many people choose to install decorative units that suit their personal taste, we have a wide range of options! We offer many decorative glass options, lead and Georgian bars, a number of screen prints and bespoke leadworks made in-house. We recommend a unit that primarily allows in plentiful natural light, and performs well in terms of thermal efficiency.

Decorative glass

Decorative glass adds an elegant flourish to any door or window. With many colours and styles to choose from, we can help you create a distinctive look and real statement. Watch as light floods in, casting constantly changing patterns and shadows throughout the day.

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Choose from our high-quality collection of stained glass, decorative lead, Georgian and cottage bars, or cut glass to match your style. Each piece is made to the highest standard, with every detail lovingly crafted by our experts.

Decorative glass in storage.

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