Our unique glass-order tracking software allows Clayton Glass customers to follow their glass orders from production all the way through to the point of delivery. Once you track, you’ll never go back!

With enhanced usability, accessibility and security – whether checking up on a new order or following the progress of an existing one – GlassTrack is your all-in-one information hub to make purchasing with Clayton Glass as smooth and detailed as possible.

This is GlassTrack
version 3

GlassTrack 3.0 is now contained within its own portal, giving enhanced security and greater functionality potential in the future.

Colin, shop floor worker at Clayton Glass North Shields.

Here’s how
GlassTrack works

  1. Login to the new GlassTrack portal
  2. Select the GlassTrack function
  3. See all order information, including delivery date, status and POD
  4. Expand to view specific details and stillage information
  5. Click search symbol to bring up a more detailed search
  6. View stillage balance and submit remake requests
  7. View aggregated statistical data about your order history

Benefits of
using GlassTrack

  1. Tracks your glass orders in real time
  2. Allows you to plan your day around your glass deliveries
  3. Saves you time and stress of ‘traditional’ ordering methods
  4. Direct access to your frequently updated glass order information
  5. Accessible from smartphone, tablet or PC
  6. Aggregated statistical data of order history
Launch glassTRACK
Sophie, Planning Assistant at Clayton Glass Blackburn.

Packed with
handy features

There are many reasons why GlassTrack
makes glass ordering easier, but here are the key points.

HGV Driver Andy posing next to his vehicle.

Delivery status and scan sequence

Track your glass orders in real time.

A young man holding some glass on Huthwaite's factory floor.

Stillage, sizes and future orders

Easily view specific order details from your smartphone.

Harelaw's factory floor.

Automated email reports

Receive live status updates regarding your glass order.

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