Roof glass – SMARTGLASS is packed with intelligent features that offer exceptional performance and comfort, without compromising style.

SMARTGLASS is the smart choice for installers who want a product that does it all. Designed with conservatories in mind, this innovative glass lives up to its name with a range of intelligent features that offer homeowners exceptional performance and comfort, without compromising style.

With our advanced SMARTGLASS, conservatories are warmer in the winter and cooler all summer long, thanks to its clever temperature-regulating properties.

Additionally, it’s almost three times more efficient at keeping warmth in than standard double glazing, reflecting up to 86% of the sun’s heat while still filling the room with light.

From antiglare and self-cleaning capabilities to soundproofing and warm edge technology, it’s unsurpassed in terms of performance and intelligent design features.

When I bought Clayton Glass in 2005, we wanted to develop a high-quality conservatory roof glass product to complement the glass we did for windows and doors. So, we set about developing a specification that was, and still is, technically the best available for performance on the market. And from that, SMARTGLASS was born.

Ryan Green
Director & Owner

Our goal for SMARTGLASS, has been – and will always be, to live up to its name. Smart glass that embodies all the qualities of what you’d expect smart glass to do. A conservatory roof glass unit that contains anti-glare and sound proofing technology. The conservatory roof glass unit that is truly self-cleaning. A conservatory roof glass unit with some of the best statistics ever seen in conservatory roof glass units, regardless of which of our options you decide to choose, keeping you warmer in winter, and cooler in summer.

Find your roof tint

SMARTGLASS comes in a range of subtle tints (excl. SMARTGLASS Ultimate & Ultra 86) making it easier to create a conservatory roof tint aesthetic that feels right for you. That’s SMARTGLASS!

  • SMARTGLASS blue tint. Blue

    This subtle blue tint is our most popular choice of conservatory roof tint, highlighting the colours of your garden.

  • SMARTGLASS Aqua tint. Aqua

    Our Aqua conservatory roof tint offers more greenish tones, which some people prefer.

  • SMARTGLASS bronze tint. Bronze

    Consumers choosing a wood-grained conservatory often look to the warm tones of our bronze conservatory roof tint.

  • SMARTGLASS neutral tint. Neutral

    Those looking for a more natural hue, look to our neutral conservatory roof tint.


Standard SMARTGLASS is our most popular roof product and has been continually developed, enhanced and upgraded over the past decade, with many satisfied customers. That’s SMARTGLASS.


For those consumers looking for enhanced performance, SMARTGLASS Plus+ is the perfect choice. It offers an impressive U-value of just 1.0 and typically reflecting 73% of the sun’s heat.


Ultimate represents the very pinnacle in terms of glass technologies for conservatory roof glass and glazed roofing areas and is unsurpassed in the UK market.


This glass boasts a U-value of 1.0, with the unmatched ability to reflect 86% of the sun’s rays and yet still provide a light transmittance of 15%, ensuring the spacious, open feel isn’t compromised.

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