Specialist products

As a company with a global reach in terms of glass specification, we are able to think outside of the box and source products and technologies from all four corners of the world.  

Innovation sets many businesses apart and we realise that we can help push the boundaries of glass capabilities. The materials used at Clayton Glass are the best in the business, utilised to crate advanced and customised solutions for our customers in the glazing industry.

One of our specialist glazing options is an acoustic laminate solution. This is a unit typically containing one leaf of acoustic laminate glass. It works much in the same way as regular laminated glass, but the plastic resin between the two fitted leaves has ‘sound-disrupting’ quality. 

This means that background sounds such as from traffic or aircraft are less prominent if you live in an area that suffers from these kinds of noise. 

“Throughout our long history in glass production and IGU assembly, we have always pioneered new methods and product points, travelling all over the world to expeditions showcasing the very latest that glazing has to offer. We do this always with the mindset of trying to incorporate any new technology we find interesting into our existing product range. We are always looking for new solutions.”

Ryan Green
Managing Director

At Clayton Glass we source only the best materials to create innovative and bespoke solutions for our customers in the UK glazing market. These materials are processed and crafted into market-leading glass products, which are then fitted in beautiful and technically secure applications up and down the country. All the while, utilising the expertise and technical knowledge of the Clayton team to help create the best solution for a given application.

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