Working for Clayton Glass: an Employee Case Study with Shaun Allen

Clayton Team | 30 Aug 2022
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In this new Q&A-style website article series, we’ll be sitting down with real life Clayton Glass employees and finding out all about their history with the company, from the early days to where they are now, as well as exploring the aspects of the job they find rewarding. First up is Shaun Allen, our esteemed colleague who works in the role of Production Manager at our Harelaw facility…

NOTE: The photos in this piece were taken prior to the introduction of bump caps across all six of our sites.

Q: What has your journey with Clayton Glass been like?

A: “I was 27 years old when I started at Clayton Glass, it was back in the summer of 2009.”

“I started out in the decorative lead department, having already gained some experience from working at another, similar company. I knew a few people at Clayton Glass already, so I had a fairly easy adaption in my first few weeks.”

“Although I started on the leadworks, I always had an interest in trying a bit of everything. I was very keen to expand my comfort zone and become competent in all areas of glass production. After a number of years in the decorative leads and learning my trade around the factory, I progressed to Team Leader.”

CAPTION: Shaun began life at Clayton Glass in the decorative lead department.

“The Team Leader role was more generalised, not tethered to one particular area, it allowed me to become more and more comfortable with the factory, more confident in my knowledge of how it all works and links together, I was also then responsible for managing a team. Then, after 3 years in this role, I progressed to Production Manager, this is the role I’m in now.”

“My first day actually wasn’t my first experience of Clayton Glass though. My Uncle worked for Clayton as a Glazier back in the early 90s! I remember he always said to me he’d get me job at Clayton Glass one day. As it turned out, he didn’t, but I ended up working here anyway. Small world.”

Q: What do you enjoy about your role?

A: “The aspect of my role that I enjoy the most is everything to do with managing my team. I love pushing people, supporting them so that they can improve and be their best.”

“Sometimes you’ll get someone who doesn’t think they can do something. I’m there to encourage and help them, to make sure they feel confident in their abilities.”

“The best part is then the reward of seeing them complete the task to a high level. The smile on their face puts a smile on my face. I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”

CAPTION: Shaun’s favourite aspect of his role is helping his team progress.

Q: Why should people work for Clayton Glass?

A: “I think people should definitely give it a go. There’s plenty of roles available, plenty of opportunities for progression, just look at me! I started out in the lead department and worked my way up to Production Manager. It can definitely be done.”

“You’re not stuck to one role either, if you want to try something else, or if there’s something you think you’d be more suited to or that you’d enjoy more, you can give it a go, get trained up on it, and see if it’s right for you.”

“There’s little things too, you get the feeling of being cared for at Clayton Glass. Every so often we have food vans on site, completely paid for, we get ice cream vans too, the break rooms have been refurbished, there’s TVs in there to sit and watch on your break.”

CAPTION: Shaun’s time at Clayton shows that progression is always possible.

Q: How would you define the Clayton difference?

A: “We go the extra mile, all throughout the business. From sales to customer service, all the way through to logistics and the guys on the shop floor.

“We’re a family-run business too, and I think just a great example of how a business should be run. The pride and respect for the company is evident in the staff.”

If Shaun’s story sounds interesting, or if you’re interested in working for Clayton Glass, go and have a look through our currently available roles over on our INDEED PAGE!