Working for Clayton Glass: an Employee Case Study with Julie Hibbard

Clayton Team | 31 Aug 2023
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In this new Q&A-style website article series, we’ll be sitting down with real life Clayton Glass employees and finding out all about their history with the company, from the early days to where they are now, as well as exploring the aspects of the job they find rewarding. This time it’s Julie Hibbard, our esteemed colleague who works as a senior credit controller at Clayton Glass.

Q: What has your journey with Clayton Glass been like?

A: “I started working as a Senior Credit Controller for Clayton Glass nine months ago.

It’s my job to make sure that outstanding bills are paid – customers are great in general, but we all get behind with admin from time to time. I’m here to be friendly and professional and make sure we get the money in for the work we’ve done.

I’ve worked in credit control for 23 years, and I love it. Talking to people is the best part of my day.”

Q: What do you enjoy about working at Clayton Glass?

A: “The people. I work with great people. Linda, who’s Credit Control Manager, is fab. And our boss Mark is one of the kindest people you could meet.

Clayton Glass is unique. It’s like a family, really. That’s how it feels to me, and I’ve not been here that long. It’s rare to find a company that makes you feel supported like that while allowing you to do the job you love.

Just a kind and supportive team, including everybody I work with!”

Q: What would you say to someone thinking of joining Clayton Glass?

A: “Do it! Your career won’t ever standstill. That’s why I joined. There’s a promise of personal and career development, and Clayton Glass stick to it. They really invest in their people. And they care as well. That makes a difference. It’s a good place to work.”

Q: What does the Clayton difference mean to you?

A: “Putting people first, I think. Doing that little bit extra for our customers. It’s about good team spirit, working together, and getting things done! While enjoying our days as well.”