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Clayton now stocking new patterned glass options!

Clayton Team | 14 Mar 2022
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We are delighted to be able to present to Clayton customers a new range of decorative and patterned glass. The new suite of patterned glass options offers varying levels of privacy, in a number of different designs to suit different aesthetics and décor styles.

Patterned glass is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, due to a complex pattern or frosting effect, it can obscure the view of objects on the far side of the pane, contributing to various levels of privacy depending on the pattern itself.

Not only this, patterned glass allows plenty of natural light to pass through it, meaning you’re not darkening the room by any noticeable margin.

It’s due to these two key properties, that patterned glass is often used in bathroom installations, either as part of a window unit, or internally.

Clayton Glass are now stocking a brand-new range of patterned glass, giving our customers more options when it comes to creating an aesthetic.

We believe that in stocking this new range, we’ll give our customers a helping hand in having the edge over their competitors who can only offer more traditional glass patterns.

The new patterned glass range now available at Clayton Glass.

View more images of Clayton’s new patterned glass samples in the supplier brochure HERE.