Clayton Glass Introduces GlassTrack: Revolutionising Glass Order Tracking 

Clayton Team | 20 Sep 2023
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Clayton Glass proudly presents its unique glass-order tracking software, GlassTrack. This cutting-edge software provides users with real-time insights, from production to delivery, enhancing their overall experience. 

GlassTrack: Your comprehensive glass order solution 

With a strong commitment to improving usability, accessibility, and security, GlassTrack has been developed to transform how our customers interact with Clayton Glass. This state-of-the-art software simplifies the glass ordering process, making it smoother and more detailed than ever before.

Benefits of using GlassTrack 

  1. Real-Time Order Tracking: GlassTrack enables customers to track their glass orders in real-time, providing transparency and peace of mind. 
  1. Efficient Planning: With access to delivery dates and statuses, customers can plan their day around glass deliveries, optimising their schedules. 
  1. Time and Stress Savings: Say goodbye to traditional ordering methods. GlassTrack streamlines the process, saving customers time and reducing stress. 
  1. Direct Access: The software offers direct access to frequently updated glass order information, eliminating the need for multiple inquiries. 
  1. Multi-Device Accessibility: GlassTrack is accessible from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, ensuring users can check their orders anytime, anywhere. 
  1. Order History Insights: Customers can gain valuable insights from aggregated statistical data about their order history. 

GlassTrack is packed with handy features! 

GlassTrack’s user-friendly interface and practical features allow for a seamless ordering process. Another key feature includes delivery status updates and scan sequences for your orders. This software allows customers to access detailed information about stillage, glass sizes, and easily plan for future orders. With automated email reports, you can analyse ordering behaviour and stay informed about your glass orders. 

At Clayton Glass, our dedication to excellence in customer service and innovation remains firm. GlassTrack is a testament to our commitment to providing an efficient and hassle-free glass ordering process.  

Discover the future of glass tracking with Clayton Glass today!