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6 Brilliant Benefits of Bifold Doors

Clayton Team | 07 May 2019
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Are you tired of not being able to see most of your garden? Do you have sleepless nights thinking about how your current setup doesn’t maximise your front rooms natural light potential? Perhaps, you are thoroughly demoralised when your friends talk about how much they love their new ‘folding doors’… Do you wish there was a way you could bring the outside inside? Spoiler alert – you can! Glass Bifold doors are the ultimate feature for any homeowner that longs for their slightly-antiquated pad to look a fair bit younger and cooler. Without further ado let us look into the 6 brilliant benefits of bifold doors…


The first of the benefits of bifold doors: modernity & style. In the 21st century, the next exciting innovation in home technology is never that far around the corner. From cushion-closing drawers and wireless internet, to disease-killing wall paint, and fridges that can order your shopping for you. Glass Bifold doors are still one of the most stylish, beneficial adaptions a homeowner can make to their home. While folding doors were supposedly around in 1st century AD, bifolds are the epitome of modernity in the home, a must-have for the house-proud among us.


While bi-fold doors can be thought of as fashionable conversation pieces, they are not simply there to make your various dinner guests welp with feverish, uncontrolled jealousy towards your contemporary sense of home-design. If, for example, one of said dinner guests started hurling abuse in your direction, perhaps due to some sort of bifold-envy-fuelled rage, you could slide open your bifolds and ask them to cool off in the garden. You could then lock said bifolds and, let me tell you, they are not getting back in unless you let them (definitely not speaking from experience here).

In all seriousness, another of the benefits of bifold doors is that they are one of the safest and most secure features you can have in your home. An example of this super-security is the fact that a bifold door set has up to 6 locking mechanisms spread out across its diameter. Whereas, French doors and sliding doors traditionally have just one – one of a number of benefits of bifold doors over these door types. If you get burgled with locked bifolds, you probably left a window open.


Six Brilliant Benefits of Bi-fold Doors
“Janet, you simply must read this excellent piece about the benefits of bifold doors. Who knew natural light was so good for you? I’m going to order a brand new pair of bifolding glass doors right this second!”

Another of the benefits of bifold doors you ask? This one’s quite simple really, more glass equals more sunlight entering your home, right? Right! The large surface area of your glass bifold doors will capture the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Thus, giving your home an all-new sense of warmth and summery-ness. Conversely, Solid brick walls are famously poor at letting in natural light.

Modern architecture is geared towards maximising natural light entry into a structure. Thus, resulting in an increased construction of an abundance of beautiful glass buildings worldwide. Interestingly, this is probably because of all the benefits natural light provides to us humans. Including: increases in vitamin D exposure – for healthy brain and bone development, improvements in the body’s sleep/wake cycles, improvements in mood and reductions in stress.


Spending plentiful time in a naturally lit area is scientifically proven to improve longstanding mental health conditions. Specifically, depression and seasonal affective disorder. Not to mention, that having large amounts of natural light entering your home can decrease energy costs. We could have a-whole-nother article on the benefits of natural light… oh wait, we DO. To summarise, natural light is good for your cerebral matter, and installing bifolds is a no-brainer.


“Tell me Dave, how long have you had those stylish, modern-looking bifolding doors in your front room? Are there many benefits of bifold doors?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how long I’ve had those stylish, modern-looking bifolding doors in my front room Graham, and yes, yes there are…”

Now this is one of the longer-term benefits of bifold doors. Certain types of glass bifold doors, specifically Aluminium, can last up to 45 years if properly maintained. This is quite calming to this writer, because if I install some now, I don’t have to worry about replacing them until I’m 68 and a half! This, arguably, makes glass bifold doors somewhat of an investment. Due, in part, to the fact that installing bifolds will boost the price of your home. If you are so inclined sell it in the ensuing 45 years that is.

Sliding and French doors, on the other hand, last a maximum of 20 and 30 years respectively. Without sounding too biased, the facts tell us that the benefits of bifold doors generally outweigh the benefits of sliding and French doors.


It’s true that one of the most useful benefits of bifold doors is there propensity to open up and tuck away nicely. This is especially useful for when you’ve got all of your comrades round for a garden party. But this isn’t the end of their versatility. If you’re SMART and have the correct GLASS, then you can boost the versatility of your bifolds ten-fold. ‘How does this work?’ I hear you ask…

Looking at one type of glass in particular – ‘SMARTGLASS -Bifolds ULTIMATE’, you can see that having the correct glass can make all the difference. Here’s the science-y bit. There are two stats that matter in terms of versatility – ‘solar energy reflected’ and the ‘U-value’.

Firstly, as its name suggests, solar energy reflected refers to the amount of heat, from the sun, that is reflected by the glass. Therefore, dictating how warm the interior of the house will be. The higher the solar energy reflected percentage, the cooler the interior of the house will be in warm temperatures. Got it? SMARTGLASS -Bifolds ULTIMATE glass has a solar energy reflected value of 62%. Comparing this to a standard A-rated installation, which has around 25%, you can see, with which glass, the more comfortable indoor summer temperatures lie.

A glass units ‘U-Value’ is a measure of the heat energy transferring through it. This being from the interior of the house to the exterior. In other words, the U-value is a measure of insulation. SMARTGLASS -Bifolds ULTIMATE glass units have a U-value of 1.0. A standard A-rated installation will have a U-value of around 1.2. Seeing as a lower number is superior when it comes to U-values, the former outperforms the latter in this area too. But what does this all mean?

Basically, it means that, with the correct glass, you’re glass bifold doors will be more versatile. You will be keeping refreshingly cool in the blazing summer months, and toasty in the icy winter months. Another of the exciting benefits of bifold doors.


Six Brilliant Benefits of Bi-fold Doors
Bifold glass doors: experience the world from your living room

Probably the main reason homeowners decide to splash out on bifolds. Personally, I can think of nothing more offensive than a wall. You can’t see through them, you can’t walk through them, they are nothing but giant, ugly, opaque barriers preventing you from experiencing the world. I may have gone overboard there, but the point is that another of the benefits of bifold doors is that they allow you to combine the outside with the in.

Six Brilliant Benefits of Bifold Doors
Your view of your garden without Bifolds (probably)

Picture this, with your new bifolds installed. In one single, smooth action you transform your communal living space into one filled with fresh air, great views and birdsong. Think garden parties, birthday parties, barbeques, sunsets and swing ball. You could play fetch with your dog whilst watching your favourite show on the television. The possibilities are endless, just as your front room will be when it’s opened up to the world.

Installing glass bifold doors removes that near-constant barrier between you and your garden. This, in my opinion, could be the greatest of the benefits of bifold doors.


Thank you for accompanying us on this light-hearted look at the brilliant benefits of bifold doors. To conclude, in all seriousness, glass bifold doors are on the rise. Subsequently, one day, they may be a feature built-in to many new houses. This will be a positive thing for humanity, for all of the reasons listed above. Just remember to make sure that you choose the best glass to get the greatest benefits out of your glass bifold doors. Thank you for reading.