We offer a comprehensive selection of laminated glass that includes a range of thicknesses and types. Our inventory includes Acoustic laminated glass that is expertly cut to size using state-of-the-art Hegla Ecolam cutting table technology.

Laminated glass is a true hero in the world of windows! Not only does it have the ability to increase the sound insulation rating of windows by improving sound attenuation, but it also protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The interlayer used in this type of glass is specially designed for acoustic performance, providing a level of noise reduction that unlaminated glass simply cannot match. Imagine the peaceful sanctuary you could create in your home or office with the innovative application of laminated glass. This is truly a game-changer in the world of architecture and home design. So, let's embrace the power of technology and create a world that is not only beautiful, but also functional, safe, and soundproof!

Key Benefits of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is designed to hold together when shattered, which reduces the risk of injury from sharp glass fragments.

The use of multiple layers makes laminated glass stronger and more resistant to impact than ordinary glass.

The interlayer in laminated glass helps to absorb sound, making it an effective solution for reducing noise pollution.

The interlayer in laminated glass can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which can help protect furniture and other interior furnishings from fading and damage.

The tough, shatter-resistant nature of laminated glass makes it an ideal choice for security applications, such as in banks, jewellery stores, and high-value residential properties.

Blending aesthetics with safety, laminated glass is a clear favourite glazing solution.

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