NEW FEATURE: GlassTrack Now Allows You To Export Order Information!

Clayton Team | 11 Jan 2023
minute read

The latest GlassTrack news for you today is that customers will now be able to export their orders into a CSV file.

GlassTrack version 3 users will be able to locate the new export button on their GlassTrack dashboards. When clicked, the system creates and downloads an Excel CSV file directly onto the user’s PC or device containing a list of glass orders! The benefit of this is that the list can be used for your own data collection.

This new version of our unique glass order-tracking software contains all the features of the previous version, including detailed order information, specific product stillage locations, as well as the ability to request remakes and view proof of deliveries (PODs).

On top of this, GlassTrack is now housed on a brand new platform, easily accessible from the Clayton Glass website, more secure than ever before, and allowing for enhanced reliability and reduced downtime.

It also arrives with a brand new analytics feature. This feature will allow Clayton customers to view detailed aggregated statistical data regarding their glass orders over the course of months and years, useful as it provides information for more effective planning.

As always, GlassTrack comes with the benefits of:

  • Saving time
  • Access from smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Easy to use
  • Detailed glass order information
  • Allows you to plan around glass deliveries

To access the all-new GlassTrack, click HERE, or if you haven’t signed up to GlassTrack you can click “Register“.