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Clayton Glass now capable of manufacturing 50% larger units

Clayton Team | 20 Feb 2020
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We’re delighted to announce that after a lengthy program of investment the final piece of the jigsaw is now in place to allow us to manufacture larger sizes in house, something that we know many customers have been really keen for us to progress over the years.

We’re sorry it’s taken us so long but, just to give an insight, this process has involved the purchase and installation of:

A 4200 x 2400 Cooltemper Firejet furnace, our 3rd in the North East and now the biggest we own.

A 2400 horizontal wash, only a glass wash you may think, but believe me a very important asset and not cheap.

A brand new 2500 x 4000 Bystronic Automatic IG line, C/W gas press and robot sealing head.

Finally, a few weeks ago we took delivery of mobile suction lifting device, to ensure we can do all this safely which to be honest has been our only, and the overriding concern all along.

The table attached shows our new capabilities, based on 2 x 6mm Toughened IGU and from it you will see:

We are now able to handle units in house of up to 130Kg –  that’s equivalent of 4.3m2 in area and 50% bigger than we have done previously.

Sizes such as 1700 x 2700 which were taking up to 6 weeks can now be made and delivered in 7 working days, are now competitively priced with a realistic oversize premium and only one margin.

Large units such as 2400 x 1000 or 1600 x 1700 which can utilise our traditional equipment remain at your standard basic tariff 6mm rate.

We’re delighted as we continue to grow to be able to develop our capabilities in this way and I’m sure it will help alleviate what we recognise has been an gap in our range for some time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of my team for details!