Contact Details

On this page you’ll find details of phone numbers and email addresses of all the key staff from our main sites. This includes full rundowns of staff positions, and levels of seniority, from our headquarters in County Durham, and our facilities in Huthwaite and Blackburn. We’ve done this to make it as easy as possible for you to contact the required staff member.

Key Contacts by Site

Find Out More

On this page you’ll find a plethora of downloadable content regarding all facets of technical informations, including: trouble shooting, dealing with condensation, visual quality, glass cleaning, oxidisation of leadworks, Brewster’s fringe and more.

On this page, you’ll find the Clayton Glass accreditations, all to confirm our validity. These include certificates from some of the largest glass manufacturers in the business, as well declarations of conformity to various industry standards.

On this page you’ll find downloadable content, including: transport policies, roof glass postcode maps, terms and conditions, credit application forms, safely-achievable weight limits and IGU sizes, acoustic information, and plenty more.