Glass Industry COVID-19 Meeting Minutes

Notes made by Clayton Glass Operations Director, Stephen Faulkner, from the second instalment of the glass industry web forum, from Monday 20th April 2020.

Here is the summary of the forum:-

  • Same economic situation as from the first meeting a 10/15% contraction for foreseen in the 2nd ¼, followed by a recovery then a slump of Biblical proportions. (All fairly obvious stuff).
  • Banks are gearing up to see this as a 2 year problem.
  • 40% of UK Banks “bad book” has severe liquidity issues.
  • From Certass/Fensa
  • Major Contractors OK to work
  • Home Builders advised not to go back to work
  • Housing Association, OK if the property is “void” (empty), and no if occupied.
  • Residential advised not to go back to work.
  • Message is “If its not safe for Mum & Dad (Gran & Grandad) to come to your home, it isn’t safe for a contractor. Stay out of the home until after lockdown”.
  • Roofing sector want to go back, but what does that mean, roof line? Conservatory Roofs?. Announcement in 1 week.
  • PPE 
  • The group (50+ companies) are sourcing directly with China, face mask, (FFP2 as FFP3 have to go directly to the NHS), disposable gloves and sanitizer – Ryan is co-ordinating this through his contacts, and some has already arrived at Harelaw, and I have requested the same again for BB & HW.
  • Roseview Windows have conducted a survey. 191 Companies responded
  • 4% are operating normally
  • 10% partial shut down
  • 26% Skeleton office staff
  • 61% full shut down
  • 86% will only return to work when it is safe to do so, and their market returns.
  • As to the question when are you going to reopen?
  • 6 yes have reopened
  • 5 set a date
  • 67 waiting for Government announcement/market/safe to do so.
  • 98 no idea yet!!!!!
  • HMRC Portal opened Monday morning and seems to be working fine, to give to some idea how much this is costing us, our claim was circa £1/2m for the month of April