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Introducing Clayton Digital: Save Time & Money With Clayton’s Easy-to-use Digital Services!

We understand that this past turbulent year has meant that our customers’ time can be stretched thin, which is why we’ve invested in our own in-house technology to streamline your service to save you time and money. Find out more about our two latest digital offerings in the piece below…



Clayton Glass has today announced the sale and disposal of Romag Ltd and Romag PPM Ltd, the specialist glass processing business to FCFM Group, an Investment Group.

In the period of ownership both businesses have benefited from some significant synergies, however we believe that the future path for both businesses would be better as solo operations.

The Clayton team will return their efforts 100% in Clayton Glass, whilst Romag will maintain its current management structure with new owners and further investment.


To aid our growth we’ll be making some significant investments in the distribution side of our business this year, and to safeguard some of this investment we’re introducing a new electronic method of tracking stillages. 

Whilst no action is necessary from the vast majority of customers we’d ask that all stillage drop accounts read this information carefully and adhere to the guidelines as outlined for the temporary retention of Clayton Glass stillages. 

Stillage tracking

Team strengthened for 2018 growth plans

As we look forward to a year of significant growth here at Clayton Glass, we’re making a few changes to the structure and team in order to strengthen some key areas.

We’ve recently bolstered the planning team with the internal appointment of Claire Fox as Production Planner, focused on pre checking, capacity management, Electronic Data Interfacing and batching. Over the coming months we aim to move past 80% of order transactions being electronic, speeding up the process and improving accuracy all round. Claire’s role is backfilled by Les Rowe, a long time Clayton alumnus who joins us with 20+ years’ experience in the industry so a real and immediate asset to the team.

In the factory, from next week we will introduce a Night shift Despatch and Site Manager, a wholly new role introduced in the light of our evolving customer base and the need to make and despatch more product, more accurately, to stricter timescales and right around the clock.

Our warehouse facility is undergoing a total transformation, fully racked out throughout and almost tripling the amount of available storage in a wholly new structure and layout. Coupled with this is a major stillage investment program, not only in the assets themselves but with new scanning software allowing us to pinpoint the whereabouts of every frame by its unique reference number – more on this to follow and how it affects you as a customer.

With over £5m invested in plant and machinery in recent years and plenty of capacity there’s very little to do machining wise, so in terms of the basics of cutting ,toughening, assembly etc, we will just be refining what we do and of course recruiting where necessary.

Following on from challenging 2017, this year looks set to be a very positive one and I hope with these appointments and structural changes we can bring success for both the business and our customers, who will see notably earlier deliveries, a zero missing policy and a faster response from our customer service teams all round.



Two of the North East’s leading glass and glazing companies today came under the same ownership as today we acquired Romag, one of the UK’s most well recognised and longstanding glass processors, albeit in a completely different arena to Clayton Glass.

Established over 70 years ago, Romag operates in the high security glazing and transport industries, with clients such as Bombardier and Hitachi in the rail sector. Recent years saw the company expand into the Solar PV market, although with that sector being compromised by the end of the feed in tariff and cheaper imports, the renewed focus is in specialism bespoke PV solutions.

Although there are many synergies between the two companies in terms of location, history and core glass manufacturing activities, they specialise in very different areas of the glass industry and hence we will continue to operate each company completely independently so that both can focus entirely on continuing to grow their specialist market share.

Whilst this represents  huge opportunity for the wider group, from a Clayton Glass customer perspective there will be no changes, other than perhaps a faster turnaround, on processing, drilling, painted glass etc, all of which have previously been bought externally but will now be sourced in house.

Our medium term aim at Clayton remains to continue our drive on quality, service, and delivery times all of which have shown large improvements since the move to Harelew, but particularly over the past few weeks.  A renewed focus with the customer service team in terms of response to queries and the flow of information is also underway.

We hope that with this acquisition there will be many synergies for both companies to the benefit of all of our joint customers.