What Are Brewsters Fringes?

What are Brewsters Fringes, What is Brewsters Fringe, Brewsters Fringes

What are Brewsters Fringes? Ever wondered why your windows sometimes display an oily rainbow effect when viewed in certain lights? Well wonder no more. What you’re seeing is the optical phenomenon known as “Brewster’s Fringe’s”. So what are Brewsters Fringes? In this short piece, we will explain what Brewster’s Fringes are, what causes them and why you need not worry about their effect on the performance of your windows.


8 Powerful Tips to Maintain a Mild Conservatory in the Midst of Winter

How to keep conservatory warm

“How to make conservatory warmer” – an age-old Google search. As the proud proprietors of 2 of the most high-tech, high-spec conservatory roof glass brands around, we’d like to think we’re best positioned to provide you with some top tips on keeping the coolest room of your casa cosy amidst the crisp temperatures of the British Winter season. Let’s dive in…


8 Advantages and 2 Disadvantages of Low E Glass

Advantages and Disadvantages of Low E Glass

Low E, or Low-Emissivity, glass is a type of glazing glass containing a transparent, microscopic coating that improves the thermal efficiency of your windows. Today we’re looking at the advantages and disadvantages of low E glass, to make sure you’re as well-informed as possible when it comes to your next glazing purchase.


Top 10: Stunning Conservatories Around the World

Top 10: Stunning Conservatories Around the World

We love a top 10 here at Clayton Glass. Therefore, this week we’ll be delving into the top 10 truly stunning conservatories, that exist in various locations all over the world. Some you may have heard of. Some you won’t believe you weren’t aware of. A few will literally make you want to get straight on a plane and see the real thing for yourself. So, here are the top 10 stunning conservatories, in the world, in order, here we go. First up at 10…


6 Brilliant Benefits of Bifold Doors

benefits of bifold doors

Are you tired of not being able to see most of your garden? Do you have sleepless nights thinking about how your current setup doesn’t maximise your front rooms natural light potential? Perhaps, you are thoroughly demoralised when your friends talk about how much they love their new ‘folding doors’… Do you wish there was a way you could bring the outside inside? Spoiler alert – you can! Glass Bifold doors are the ultimate feature for any homeowner that longs for their slightly-antiquated pad to look a fair bit younger and cooler. Without further ado let us look into the 6 brilliant benefits of bifold doors…


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